Our Services

With a Fender Gold Level Certified Service Center our technicians are not only able to repair your instrument or equipment, but also modify it, restore it to "out of the box" condition, and/or perform regular maintenance to extend the life of your equipment and the quality of your music.  Our Tune Up is like performing that 150,000 mile service on your vehicle.


Our Full Solid State Service is a top-to-bottom overhaul of your equipment.  We clean, lubricate, repair all connections, as well as adjust to factory specifications.  Followed by a thorough load test at max power to ensure proper repair.


Our Full Tube Service Includes all the service of a solid state amplifier service in addition we will check and set operating voltages including bias, filament heater, B+ and negative feedback, when applicable.  We will also monitor tube output and noise via oscilloscope while the amp is in full operation. We will also re-tension tube pin sockets.


guitar repairOur Stringed Instrument Full Service and Set-Up includes a top-to-bottom maintenance, cleaning, lubricating, checking, as well as adjust and set all components and functions for greater functionality.  Set action & intonation to the desired specifications of the player where possible.  All instruments will receive a complete cleaning & polishing if desired.

All instruments set-up as above will receive a one (1) year free truss-rod adjustment.  If you suspect your action (string height) has changed due to seasonal weather cycles, please bring it by the shop at your convenience and we will check it and adjust it, if necessary, while you wait, free of charge.   


Est. Time

Labor Rate

Non-Microprocessor Pedals, Cabled Mics, Mic and Guitar Cables, Par Can Lighting, etc...

1 Hour Minimum

$70.00 per Hour

Electric and Acoustic, Guitar Controls

1 Hour Minimum $70.00 per Hour

Smart Pedals, Wireless Mods

1 Hour Minimum $70.00 per Hour

Amplifiers, Power Amps, Sub Cabinets, FOH Mixers, Light Controllers, Dimmer Packs, DMX Controls, Audio and Light Snakes. FOH Consoles 32 Channel and over 4 Hour Minimum

1 Hour Minimum $70.00 per Hour
Walk-In Rush Service          

$70.00 +

Standard Fees


On Site Service (We Come To You)  

$100.00 per hour +

Mileage *


Emergency Service Calls  

$150.00 per Hour

* Current Mileage Rate is $0.60 per mile

We accept Cash, Check (with Valid ID), Visa and Mastercard.  Minimum of $25.00 for Credit Card Transactions.

Labor deposits must be paid at time of drop off.  Cash or Check ONLY accepted for deposits.