Gear Mods

PSL is one of the largest Service Centers in Central Missouri, that is authorized by most of the professional line vendors.  We also do custom designing and modifications on guitars, amplifiers, pedals and pedal boards.

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This "shootout" demo is a side-by-side comparison of a stock (unmodified) Marshall Haze 40 vs a Marshall Haze 40 upgraded with Mercury Magnetics components (choke, output transformer, and AC cable), and compares the amps using 3 different electric guitars, as well as an electric violin, under identical channel and tone settings.

We hope to therefore provide the MOST accurate demonstration of how these components modify your amp's sound

This demo includes 3 different electric guitars and 2 different electric violins, in a full side-by-side comparison of a stock Fender DRRI vs a Fender DRRI fully modified with Mercury Magnetics components (Power Transformer, Output Transformer, Choke, Brake) using a variety of amp/effects settings