Jason Brown

Jason has worked along side Wayne and Techs for more than 20 years, engaged in the music industry as a member of a band where he has played a variety of instruments.  Jason learned early on how to repair musical equipment.

Jason currently has over 120 college credit hours with Columbia College in Mathematics, Electronics and Computer Programming.

Jason's expertise is in FOH mix, speakers systems and instrument set up ,He is no longer an apprentice of Mr. Wayne Brown  his knowledge and expertise within the industry has taken him to another level.

Jason is also the designer and installer of many complete vehicle systems.  Jason does not perform this service for individuals, but for Corporate, Fleet, and Government accounts only.

Here you see one of the many finished products in which Jason has designed the circuitry layout, provided necessary over current protection and power sources and either attached to the vehicle or concealed within the vehicle a complete host of lighting systems, sound notification systems, and a computer connection station.